Friday, February 24, 2017

Episode 204: Classic Eureka 2.0

Technical difficulties on this week's show, guys. Nothing crazy, but enough that we should tell you about it. We recorded on 2 evenings & we're both noticeably more intoxicated during the second half of the show.

As a result the episode goes long, but there's plenty to talk about so we performed a little tit-for-tat re topics. Craig had to make an emergency trip to his home town to help out his mother on a menial task. Jeremy can no longer eat popcorn. Craig ran up against another home improvement foe. Jeremy went to New Orleans again, met Miss Gay Pennsylvania, fell in love, and considered starting a new life.

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Craig: @anaveragegatsby


No closing song this week because it didn't seem right to shoehorn a song in when Jeremy's dog just kicked the power cord out of the socket to end the show.

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